J•TAPE: An underground waterproof seam tape which allows watertight junctions & connections and provides super stretchability. Use J•TAPE to connect seams, overlaps, and connect J•DRAIN fittings.


J•CLIPS reduce damage to fabric during installation and creates a firm hold for nailing while eliminating high stress points. Use J•CLIPS to hold & attach J•DRAIN products to walls or footers.


End Outlet

End Outlet: (Available in 6” & 12”)
Used to make transition from J•DRAIN SWD to a corrugated 4” plastic pipe.

Side Outlet

Side Outlet: (Available in 6” & 12”)
Used to make in line transition from J•DRAIN SWD for intermediate collection of water along footing.

End Cap

End Cap: (Available in 6”)
Used to cover the cut end of J•DRAIN SWD at either vertical or horizontal terminations.


Splice: (Available in 6” & 12”)
Used to connect two strips of J•DRAIN SWD either vertically or horizontally.

Step Down

Step Down: (Available in 6” only)
Used to connect two strips of J•DRAIN SWD on a vertical stepped foundation.


T-Connector: (Available in 6” only)
Used to connect 3 strips of J•DRAIN SWD (generally used in landscape applications).



A solid sheet of 20 mil (0.51mm) 100% post-industrial polystyrene regrind. Each roll is 4' wide x 100' long (400 square-feet/roll). A root barrier is a required component and is generally located within or at the membrane.Most membranes (i.e. hot applied rubberized asphalt, cold fluid applied, built-up bitumen, and modified bitumen) will require a root barrier to repel roots.

ECO Fabric (Root Resistant)

ECO Fabric (Root Resistant):
100% post consumer PET spunlaid recycled nonwoven polyester fabric. Manufactured using post consumer recycled material (PCR) chips made out of recycled polyester bottles.