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Interceptor Drain

Application Description:

An interceptor drain, also known as a curtain drain, is a drainage system that is installed to collect, channel and remove surface and subsurface water within permeable soil as it flows across an impermeable soil layer. Typically installed in a trench along the contour of a slope, interceptor drains are used to help maintain soil stability and prevent soil erosion. In landscape applications, interceptor drains are used to capture ground water from flowing downhill onto adjacent areas.

J•DRAIN drainage composites are engineered to intercept the water and efficiently channel the water away. The three dimensional core creates a high compressive strength and high flow capacity drainage channel and the fused filter fabric prevents soil intrusion into the flow channel.

Product Recommendation

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j-drain swd




geonet drainage

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CAD Details

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Slope Stabilization v10 052: PDF CAD
Interceptor Drain v10 050: PDF CAD


Sloped Embankment

ES ESR-1901

NES evaluated.

Report No. ESR-1901

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