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Application Description:

Efficient drainage of surface and subsurface water on a yards is critical to maintaining healthy turf in yards. Saturated soil is problematic to both the health of the grass and the usability of the yard. To facilitate drainage in low lying and water saturated area, French drains are often used to capture, intercept and channel the water to collection areas.

J•DRAIN drainage composites provide a lower cost, more efficient and smaller footprint alternative to the traditional French drain systems. Our aggregate free drainage systems are engineered to capture water and efficiently channel the water away. The three dimensional core creates a high compressive strength and high flow capacity drainage channel and the fused filter fabric prevents soil intrusion into the flow channel. Trenches should be dug perpendicular to slope so that they intercept surface run-off as well as drain water from the turf and root zone.

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Cross Section

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System Fittings

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