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Basement Walls

Application Description:

Basement walls offer a design and construction challenge to protect the house from moisture invasion. J•DRAIN drainage composites are designed to guide the water down the basement wall eliminating the potential penetration of moisture into house.

J•DRAIN drainage composites are engineered to be installed on the basement wall to reduce hydrostatic pressure and to protect the waterproofing membrane while efficiently channeling the water away. The three dimensional core creates a high compressive strength and high flow capacity drainage channel and the heat fused filter fabric prevents soil intrusion into the flow channel. The use of a J•DRAIN drainage composite to replace gravel or aggregate shortens the construction process offering a cost savings.

Product Recommendation

Standard recommendations. Please contact a JDR representative for the product to meet specific requirements:



J•DRAIN 200/220

j-drain 200

J•DRAIN 400/420

j-drain 400-420


j-drain swd

Product Brochure

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CAD Details

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Foundation Wall (full coverage) v10 010: PDF CAD
Foundation Wall (chimneys) v10 011: PDF CAD
SWD-6 Wall collection v10 012: PDF CAD
SWD-12 Wall collection v10 013: PDF CAD

Interior Drainage:

Interior Drainage

J•DRAIN Interior Drain

An interior drainage system consisting of a dimple core that can be cut to desired width on site and installed against a foundation wall and bent on top of the footing prior to the placement of the basement slab. This provides an opening for water to escape to the gravel fill under the basement slab. This excess water is taken to daylight or to a sump for removal.

Exterior Foundation Drainage:

Exterior Foundation Drainage

Basic: J•DRAIN SWD-6 Composite Drainage System

J•DRAIN SWD-6 is a modular composite drainage and collection system consisting of a 3-dimensional, high-flow, drainage core which is wrapped with a non-woven filter fabric. It is designed to replace a conventional sand or gravel covered pipe drain around building foundations and retaining walls. Soil particles are held back by the filter fabric allowing water to pass through to the drain core for easy removal by sump or by running to daylight. Available in 6 inch and 12 inch widths. A full array of fittings are available in the system to allow for a fast and easy installation. J•Clips are used to hold the J•DRAIN SWD vertically against the foundation wall for a secure hold and J•Tape is used to attach all J•DRAIN fittings.

Premiere Wall System

Premiere: J•DRAIN SWD-6 plus 4ft wall drainage

Combines J•DRAIN SWD collection system with 4 ft of J•DRAIN wall drainage composite. This allows a passage for water towards the bottom of the foundation wall to the collection system.

J-Drain Ultimate Wall System

Ultimate: J•DRAIN SWD-6 plus full coverage wall drainage

Combines J•DRAIN SWD collection system with 8 ft of J•DRAIN wall drainage composite. Full wall coverage helps protect the waterproofing a forms a barrier between the soil and foundation wall. This also allows a passage for water towards the bottom of the foundation wall to the collection system.

System Fittings:

System Fittings

ES ESR-1901

NES evaluated.

Report No. ESR-1901

Visit Installation Instructions or Architectural Specifications & MSDS for more info.

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